Professional, Businesswomen and Handcrafters Association SHGPAZ (PBWHA)

shgpazThe Professional & Business Association represents that group of women and girls who consider their business as a humanism, emancipation, culture and economy. PBWHA is one of the oldest associations in Albania, which was created in 1992 and is known nationally and internationally. Following the western experience, this association has conducted a range of services for Albanian women in business by informing, training, organizing trade forums, B2B, fair, exhibition, seminars and conferences, TV talk shows home and abroad.                                                       

This association is in network with many regional and international organizations. Emancipation of Albanian women through increase of their authority in all professions is our mission. Also, support and encouragement of women in their economic professional activity.  Our strategy is supporting the development of small and medium enterprises run by women in the republic of Albania by:


Technical services:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • New technology;
  • New equipment;
  • New product development;
  • Implementation  of international standards(ISO 9001-2000);
  • Accounting;
  • Equip with ITC;
  • Creation of data base;
  • Networking with other partners in Europe;
  • Training;
  • Business plan development;
  • Strategic marketing plan development;
  • Credit facilitation;
  • Market research;
  • Consumer awareness and education campaign development;
  • Distribution system study and recommendations;
  • Management systems development;
  • Business development through national and  international fair;
  • International business network;

Lobbying with: Local and central government, Donators, Other NGO, Fiscal package, leasing law etc.   Association has been involved in the implantation of several activities related to business improvement and growth, lobbying the central and local government on several issue related to business.


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