Association of Business Women “EVE”, Valjevo

Association of Business Women “EVE”, Valjevo

The Women Entrepreneurship Association, "EVE" Valjevo was founded in the year 2006 with the intention of improving the position of women entrepreneurs in the regional area , by encouraging long-term success of business women and women leadership in all areas of labor and creative work. At the same time, the role of Women Entrepreneurship Association is to position women entrepreneurship to profit, and to strengthen it and direct it to excellence.

Women Entrepreneurship Association supports creative development of business, information technology strengthening and connecting, transparency, friendship, and cooperation.

Women entrepreneurship on the path to excellence through quality, confidence, integrity and profit.

It promotes entrepreneurial way of thinking and behavior of members by giving support to them. The Association expects that every member will be able to find the right way to advance and develop their own businesses and brings together women entrepreneurs who find pleasure in creative work and meaningful business organization. At the same time, the Association promotes women's entrepreneurial initiatives, educate members how to advance their business, and strives to provide them with financial and promotional support. The Association collaborates with entrepreneurial women associations and networks and spreads the idea that women entrepreneurship is a competitive advantage of Serbia.

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