Woman Entrepreneurship Association of Turkey - KAGİDER

Woman Entrepreneurship Association of Turkey - KAGİDER

The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) was chartered in September 2002 by 37 successful women entrepreneurs. KAGIDER is a unique NGO which contributes new dimensions to the progression of civil society culture in Turkey.

The main activities of KAGİDER are conducting advocacy activities by developing policies in order to maintain gender equality and organizing activities and developing projects for supporting and strengthening women entrepreneurship.

In eight years of time KAGIDER has become a strong and viable civil society actor which provides alternative solutions to women’s empowerment and socio-economic development issues.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Developing entrepreneurship among women to strengthen their status economically and socially.

Vision: Creating a world in which women produce and establish their existence independently and play an effective role in decision-making processes.

Today, KAGIDER has 208  members, all active in various sectors such as textiles, communication, public relations, tourism, mining, chemistry and health. KAGIDER, with its ongoing projects has reached more than 6000 women in 20 cities throughout Turkey and focuses on projects to develop entrepreneurship among women as well as their economic, social and political development

WE- Mentor was built on a partnership of 10 EU member states organized in the consortium of the completed project “WomEn2FP6” with the objective of motivating women entrepreneurs to participate in projects under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. Four EU member states (Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom) took the lead to mentor 4 countries to the topic of integrating women entrepreneurs into European Research (India, Israel, Romania and Turkey).

Within the WE- Mentor Project, which aims to provide support and consultancy for women entrepreneurs, who want to be involved in the European projects, training of the trainer meetings and also meetings with the regional partners were realized in 2007. By 2008, 32 women entrepreneur profiles were added to the European Database. Furthermore, two workshops were held on October, 16th -17th2008 inIstanbul and Izmir. As another part of the project, KAGİDER made the first matching of two profiles in the database.