The main Aims/Objectives of the presented B-WCo project  are:

  • to exchange experiences, good practices and methods for quality management in VET organizations; 
  • to develop a common good quality web-site in English and partner countries’ languages;
  • to carry out several bi- and multilateral placements in order to train managers in practical elaboration and implementation of quality management systems in VET providers from different type and to improve their competencies, practical knowledge and skills in quality management;
  • to establish a women entrepreneurship educational Coalition, to increase the level of knowledge and skills of women entrepreneurs or those who want to start a new business or trade;
  • to help and support women who want to develop their skills and qualifications;
  • to promote social disadvantaged groups - the elderly or persons with no qualifications;
  • to identify current, emerging and future needs and to specify aspects where European Cooperation would be particularly beneficial;
  • to provide on-the-job-training for new women entrepreneurs and men who participate in business with women in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in order to facilitate a successful start-up and development of their business ideas;
  • to foster sharing of experience and information between entrepreneurs on the obstacles and challenges of starting up and developing their businesses.

The achievement of these goals will be met with a number of planned actions. Firstly, the creation of a Balkan Coalition between the participating organizations for a better cooperation and achievement of the objectives of the project. The purpose of this Coalition will be to maintain, support and intervene to educate women and disadvantaged people and the acquisition of qualifications and opportunities for development and exchange of experience. There will be organized workshops and meetings where there will be discussed the objectives of the operation and the ways for their implementation. There will also be organized educational and retraining seminars where individuals in need and interested in those activities can participate. There will also be formed and composed advertising information materials and the website will be updated constantly in order to inform all those who wish to participate in the events.


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