The method of implementation that has been selected is relatively simple. The project will be developed and implemented according to the main structure of the work packages and activities, which will be based on joint development, joint implementation, joint staffing and joint financing among partners. The project will be built on previous knowledge acquired by the participation of the partners in previous European programs. We have 5 Work Packages:

  • WP1: Management and Coordination
  • WP2: Information and Publicity
  • WP3: Creation of Balkan Coalition in order to support the education and the qualification of women and people with disabilities
  • WP4: Actions for Entrepreneur's Life-long Business Training-Organizing Seminars and Workshops
  • WP5: Results from the Joint Training Strategy and Participation in meetings organized by the Agency.


The reason for which it has been selected the above method of implementation is because it is relatively simple and it does not create bureaucratic behaviors. The Steps mentioned above are consistent with the description of the activities mentioned in the Call of Proposal and they will be performed by the Coordination team. The management team is vital for the project in order to achieve high quality implementation. The method of implementation will follow a hierarchical structure and there is a strong leadership of each organization leading Work Packages (WP). The persons in charge of the Work Packages will collaborate with the Project Management Team that has been selected based on their management expertise in European projects and technical background. These qualities can assure the effective steering of the WP technical progress. 


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