7th Educational event in Romania, Bucharest March 2014

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The workshop “Women Entrepreneurs and Their Role in Promoting Corporate Governance” will be organized from 20th till 21th March 2014 in Bucharest, Romania and is part of the project "Balkan Women Coalition for Professional Qualification and Training in the field of Business and Economic Science - BWCo", funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme, GRUNDTVIG Multilateral Projects. The meeting will be held by the partner organization RCOM (Regional Center for Organizational Management) at the venues of the Uzinexport Business Center, JAD Hall, 1st floor, Bucharest, Romania and will be attended by all partners, local authorities, representatives, Chambers, representatives and numerous individuals.

“Corporate governance is vital to the integrity of business operations and strengthens both the rule of law and democratic governance. At its core, corporate governance builds strong companies though improving relationships among investors, boards of directors, managers, and other stakeholders, but its significance extends beyond the boardroom. Weak corporate governance is linked to financial collapses, inability to attract investment, persistent corruption, privatization failures, weak property rights, and other challenges faced by countries around the world.
Improving corporate governance allows companies to obtain capital at lower costs, strengthens business strategy, clarifies accountability, enhances shareholder protection, and attracts quality employees. This is true not only for large, publicly listed companies but for other types of private and public firms. Good corporate governance is also crucial to the overall institutional health of countries because it creates demand for better public governance and prevents devastating economic failures.“

The B-WCo is inviting you to actively participate in the Seminar.

There is a chance for active networking and interaction!


   Click here to view or download the Agenda of the event (pdf format).



uceem-nsz-logo-newsAn event organized by the Regional Center for Organization Management, Romania


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